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Why WPS Office Suite is the Best Online Office for Students


Using WPS Office Suite Online allows students to work with their files from anywhere on any device, which means you can save your documents in the cloud and access them from anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll never lose important files again, and you won’t have to worry about transferring your data between devices or letting someone borrow your computer, which may have sensitive information. Additionally, WPS Office Suite comes with great collaborative tools that make working together on projects easier.

Built-In Collaboration Tools

When collaborating with your classmates, it is important to ensure everyone has access to the same documents. One way this can be done with an online office suite is by using built-in collaboration tools. Tools like Share and Tracking let you stay connected with your classmates, making it easy to share documents, upload files and create assignments in a team setting. This feature will help you stay up-to-date on group projects without emailing back and forth every few minutes. And because the WPS cloud doesn’t require storing data locally, any new document can be easily accessed by multiple people simultaneously, even when they are located worldwide from one.

An Offline Version

While working with a word processor might seem archaic and offline, you might be surprised at how useful it can be. Plus, it has its perks that an online office suite lacks, such as not storing sensitive data locally or having built-in collaboration tools to help students get assignments done faster. You’ll need an offline Word Processor such as OpenOffice Writer to do this. There are some downsides to using an offline version, but they’re worth looking into if you’re on a budget or want to share your documents securely.

Microsoft Compatibility

Download WPS Office suite is a fully functional online office that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This can be essential to students currently using Microsoft products in school. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can open and edit files from anywhere without worrying about transferring them locally on your computer or having to store them externally on a cloud-hosting service. Even better, when it comes time to share your work with peers in class, you will be able to collaborate using built-in tools like real-time syncing of documents and video conference tools. This means less time lost trying to set up shared accounts or different file formats, which may not even be supported at all by other programs!

Collaborative Editing

By definition, collaborative editing means people working on one document simultaneously and seeing each other’s changes in real-time. That’s a great benefit because with everyone looking at it simultaneously, they’re more likely to catch any mistakes.

WPS has many features students need when starting with collaborative editing. The first and most important feature is cloud-based access, allowing students to work from anywhere without worrying about saving sensitive data locally. The second feature of our suite is that it enhances team collaboration and makes everything much easier. WPS is a built-in revision history system that automatically stores all previous versions of your document so you can always go back and revert changes if needed.

OneDrive Integration

OneDrive has long been one of Microsoft’s most useful and comprehensive online storage services. With OneDrive integration, your documents are never more than a click away. Once you have an account, all you need to do is ensure that you have the latest version of Office installed on your computer or mobile device, and it will sync seamlessly with OneDrive. You’ll be able to access any document stored in OneDrive from any computer signed into your account – with automatic backups to keep everything safe and secure.

Presentation Tools

WPS Office benefits include being cloud-based and thus avoiding storing sensitive data locally. Plus, it has built-in collaboration tools that make it easier to collaborate on group projects and assignments. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with Windows 8 apps and Microsoft Outlook.

Easy Interface

Unlike other web-based office suites, WPS offers several benefits that are very helpful to students. Firstly, it has an easy interface that integrates many different features. This includes an editing tool for rich text documents, import and export tools, and robust sharing options. The suite also has a built-in online translation tool, cloud-based storage to avoid storing sensitive data locally, and a range of collaboration tools designed to help you get work done faster with other people on your team.

Word Processing Tools

One of the first benefits of Wps cloud-based software is that it won’t store sensitive data locally. This makes data more secure if someone gains access to your computer, and you won’t have to worry about losing your work because a virus struck down your computer. The other thing I love about Wps cloud-based software is that it allows me to collaborate with my classmates on group projects and assign tasks within a group project by taking advantage of many of the available collaboration tools. I can improve my skills by going online while simultaneously learning to adapt and be a part of an online community. Plus, this setup allows me to learn how different things function across different platforms and devices!


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