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Top Tips for Interview Preparation 


Making a good first impression at an interview is essential for landing your dream job. First impressions could make or break your chances. Here are some great tips for interview preparation that you could use for upcoming or future interviews. 

1. Presentation

When it comes to interviewing preparation, making sure you present yourself appropriately is vital for success. This tip covers a few different aspects, firstly, your appearance. Ensure that you come dressed in smart clothing. You do not need to wear the best clothes that you own, but make sure that your clothing is not distracting or scruffy. The way you look is a detail that is important, if you come dressed to the interview in lounge wear or jeans and a t-shirt you may not look as if you are serious about the job. 

Presentation also refers to your body language Making sure you do not slouch during the interview or have your arms crossed is essential. Sit up straight and perhaps speak with your hands. Having an open and welcoming body language will mean that your interviewer feels easier talking to you. 

2. Take a Course

In your process of interview preparation, perhaps consider taking up a new course. Courses can provide you will extra skills and show the interviewer that you love to learn new and interesting things. When choosing a course, search for one that is relevant to the job role in order to prepare you for interview questions. You are far more likely to succeed in an interview if you have completed a course that provides you with skills in the industry. 

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Courses do not have to belong or take up the majority of your time. If you are looking for some skills to boost your CV, you could try an online course. There are various courses out there on offer, The College of Contract Management offers a range of courses from business and construction, to IT. Online courses allow you to learn from home and around your schedule. If you are currently working but are looking for a new job and feel as if you would not have time to complete a course, online courses allow you to learn when it suits you. 

3. Use the Star Technique

A great tip for interview preparation is to write down some examples of answers to interview questions with the STAR technique. The STAR technique is a great way to set out your examples of when you have responded to particular situations either in academic or professional life. Interviewers will often ask how you have dealt with situations to discover whether you would be appropriate for the job role. The STAR technique stands for situation, task, action and result. This technique is widely used by employers, you would make a great impression if you set out your answers in this structured and concise way.  

4. Be Confident 

Being confident about your skills and attributes is a tip for success. If you are confident about your abilities, this will reflect in your performance at an interview. Being confident really shows and it is likely that the interviewer will catch on to this. The interviewer will be impressed by this and also feel confident that you would be able to act and represent for their business. 

There are many other tips for interview preparation out there, but here were a few of the most important. You could also consider interview coaching and CV writing courses.  If you are fairly new to interviews or you would like to brush up on your skills, these would be a great place to start.   


Preparing for interviews is something that most employers expect, it also takes the pressure off you and allows you to come to the interview much more relaxed. Gather your tips and resources and take them on board, perhaps take some notes and smash that next interview.


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