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Top 8 Group Video Call Apps for Android


So in case you are quarantined at domestic and want to urgently place a group video call from your Android? Or, you simply bored and want to video call your friends and buddies. Well, you constantly have Skype for it but that genuinely isn’t the best alternative out there. Apart from Skype, you’ve got numerous other options where you could bring over your pals, circle of relatives, and loved ones. Those other apps will let you even share displays, files, motion pictures, record conversations, react to films, and many others. So with that stated, Right here are a number of the great institution video requires Android.

Group Video Call Apps for Android

1. Skype

Max limit: 25 people

Allow’s start this list with Skype because it is probably the oldest app in the global to support institution video calls. Even earlier than there have been Android and iOS, Skype becomes available on home windows. What makes Skype famous is that it’s far available no longer simplest on cell structures but also a laptop, Macs, browsers, and PlayStation. This makes it less difficult to hook up with folks that are using their laptops. a larger display method you could view extra.

You may make a collection name with up to 10 people but Skype says the range varies. In my revel in, it is right for threefive human beings. As in line with their FUP (truthful usage policy), you can video call for a max of a hundred hours a month with a 10 hour an afternoon restriction. you can additionally share your display screen.

The interface isn’t always the very best and most intuitive, and it works slow on my Android. On the plus facet, you may proportion your display and also files. Skype lets in you to call everyday smartphone numbers too which is a plus, however for a fee. If the individuals within the institution name don’t have Android or iOS with them, they can also chat from the Skype web.

What’s good?

  • A limit of 25 people in a group video call
  • Cross-platform apps to connect from any device
  • Share-screen and files while on the video call
  • Record video and voice calls and shares instantly

What’s not?

  • Video call limit of 10 hrs/day and 100 hours/month

2. Hangouts

Maximum limit: 25 people

Hangouts are Google’s answer to Skype. A loose chat messaging app that supports institution video calling on different devices and systems inclusive of Android. Whilst WhatsApp works on numbers saved to your phone, Hangouts is attached to your Gmail identity. You may connect and video chat with up to 10 humans right away.


Being a Google product, it plays well with different Google services like Drive, Maps, Calendar, and Gmail. you may be part of Hangouts together with your existing Android or Gmail account. There may be a guide for sharing doctors, screens, and emoticons. but, Here is where Hangouts differs, It has a Hangout Air choice which lets you keep webinars. And much like every Google product, it’s free and ad-supported. It comes genuinely accessible for instructors and specialists.

Furthermore, you could report your Hangouts institution video calls and submit them immediately on your YouTube channel. just like Skype, if the participants in the organization name don’t have Android or iOS with them, they can also chat from the Hangout internet.

What’s good?

  • Group video limit of 25 people
  • Easy to share screen and other google documents
  • Integrates well with Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, Calendar, etc
  • Option to hold webinars and invite attendees
  • Option to record group video calls and publish to YouTube

What’s not?

  • Resource heavy and the call quality is decent on Android

3. Houseparty

Houseparty is the currently #1 trending app with millions of downloads in multiple weeks and it’s quite authentic. The app mimics the residence’s birthday party environment with a couple of chatrooms. You could have up to a most of 8 people in an unmarried chatroom however you are unfastened to sign up for any buddy’s chatroom (unless it’s set to personal). Houseparty, above all of this, provides a bunch of games that can be played even as you’re inside the organization video chat. My preferred one becomes the “Heads Up” which is a form of Dum Charades but on a video name. Furthermore may have three different trivialities, drawing video games, etc.

Houseparty is a superb way to bypass time and these days have seen a surge in users. This is affecting the volume on its servers and you may experience connection drops sometimes within the video call. The app also hasn’t been up to date in nearly a year

What’s good?

  • Mimics the theme of a real house party with different chatrooms
  • Inbuilt games to play while group video calling
  • Send notes and video notes to friends
  • Meet friends of friends in public chatrooms

What’s not?

  • App hasn’t been updated in over a year
  • Occasional call drops even on WiFi

4. Google Duo

Maximum Limit: 8 people

Duo is Google’s replacement for Hangouts and it is the most seamless integrated video calling app. Duo comes installed on your Android, By default and you can video call anyone directly through the Phone dialer. However, to do a group video call, you will have to create a group first and then do a group video call. Duo has a limit of up to 8 people. But, the best thing about it is if you have an Android, Google ensures you are on Duo.

What’s good?

  • Integrates well with the phone app and super intuitive
  • Every Android user is on Google Duo
  • Works well in low network areas
  • Low-light mode, camera and face filters

What’s not?

  • No option to share documents or screen
  • The app doesn’t have any option except video calling

5. WhatsApp

Maximum limit: 8 People

One of the latest updates became group video calls on Android and iOS. The simplest problem is that that the WhatsApp group call supports only 4 people. To begin a WhatsApp Video call, Begin a video with one of the contacts. as soon as the call is about, You’ll see a button at the topright corner of the display with the intention to allow you to add some other participant to the call.

Quite a great deal all of you realize is on WhatsApp which makes it a great choice for making group video calls. It is also one of the easiest video name apps to apply. Aside from the 4 people restriction, some other issue is WhatsApp video call, is that it doesn’t guide organization video call (or maybe a normal video for that count number) on WhatsApp internet.

What’s good?

  • Easy to add people in a group video call
  • The highest number of user database compared to other apps

What’s not?

  • No supporting web variant
  • Limit of 4 people is quite less

6. FB Messenger

FB messenger has one of the large video chat limits. it may pass up to 50 people beings that are an absurd number in my view. How do you spot so many people for your display? Then again, not like some different group video apps, you need to create a group and upload people beings to it earlier than you could group video chat. That stated, not anybody must be online at the same time as you start the group chat. The brought can join participants the video chat afterward both from Facebook messenger or Facebook internet.


FB Messenger Lite doesn’t help group video call. Nonetheless, the majority you already know are already using Facebook so you don’t need to ask and send requests to people. The most effective aspect going in its desire is that it’s miles lose and integrates with Fb. Messenger also offers probably the largest collection of in-app games and live stickers.

What’s good?

  • Absurd limit of 50 people in a group video call
  • Works across the Facebook web, Facebook app, and Messenger
  • Messenger has a huge collection of stickers and games

What’s not?

  • The liter version – Facebook Lite doesn’t have a group video call option
  • Huge resource hog and multiple unnecessary permissions

7. Instagram

Similar to WhatsApp and Messenger, Instagram is some other Facebook product that assists video calling. The group video call choices are not pretty apparent because, hey it’s Instagram! So, if most of your friends are on Instagram you can quickly be beginning a group video call through the DM section. Obviously, you can only initiate video calls with your followers. Furthermore, there is a fascinating option for advertising you’re liked and saved posts during the group video call. It looks like it is intended to start a good gossip session over coffee. Apart from that, the video call options are pretty restricted with a couple of choices to change face filters and cameras.

What’s good?

  • Easy to engage with your followers without sharing personal details
  • Option to preview saved and liked Insta posts within the video chat window
  • Option to go back and minimize the feed
  • AR filter and third-party face filters

What’s not?

  • The group video call option is hidden under the DM section
  • Not many options like a full-fledged group video calling app

8. JusTalk

JusTalk is fairly not so popular as some of the behemoths mentioned on this listing, However, that doesn’t imply it isn’t well worth taking note of. The app is an actual top alternative for making group video calls on Android. Like Skype, JusTalk allows you to document your video calls without delay from within the app. That is useful if you are the use of it for vital discussions or lectures.

Apart from that, I certainly just like the doodle function which helps you to create doodles in your face or something else at the screen, At the same time as you stay video chatting. It additionally comes with plenty of topics and different personalization options like stickers and GIFs that are available as in-app purchases. The app is free to use however ad-supported. JusTalk is to be had on Android and iOS however no different platforms or browsers are supported.

What’s good?

  • Inbuilt video recorder
  • Live doodle on faces during a video call
  • Various themes, stickers, and GIFs

What’s not?

  • No presence on other platforms like Windows, Web browsers, etc.

Summed Up: Group Video Call Apps for Android

If you are looking for an app that is accessible on pretty much every platform, you are looking for Skype. Not the champion but the senior and most corroborated. In case you are looking to record your video calls with ease, JusTalk has a better result because they offering this feature right inside the app. No 3rd part group action needed. If you need an app that works with 2G/3G data or you have a slow Internet connection, IMO is a better solution but with few features.

If you are on the job in an official environment and want to share a projection screen, Hangouts is the best. For a more informal setup, WhatsApp video call and Google Duo is effortless of the lot to use supported due to the design and adaptability rate.

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