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What To Consider When Using SWOT Analysis in Your Business


When it comes to business, SWOT analysis is a critical tool for understanding and improving your company’s strengths and weaknesses. But like all powerful tools, it can be easily misused if you’re not careful. Here are four things to consider before using SWOT analysis in your business.

1. What’s Your Company Culture?

Every company has its own unique culture, and SWOT analysis should be tailored to fit your specific business. The strengths and weaknesses you identify will heavily depend on the type of company you are running. If you’re a medical services company, for example, your strengths could be focused on providing excellent customer service and a strong focus on research and development.

2. What Can You Do?

SWOT analysis is about identifying problems within your business. Once you’ve identified these issues, it’s important to think about how they can be fixed or improved upon. Are there areas you need to improve upon with your company culture? Or maybe there are management issues. SWOT analysis can help you pinpoint the problems within your business, but it isn’t a solution in and of itself.

3. Focus On What You Can Control.

One of the most important aspects of any type of SWOT analysis is to focus on what’s in your control and what’s not. This will help you avoid wasting time and resources on issues that are out of your control.

4. Don’t Use SWOT Analysis As an Excuse For Inaction.

SWOT analysis can be a useful tool for identifying flaws in your business, but it’s important to focus on what you can control and not waste time or energy focusing on things outside of your influence. While it’s important to identify areas that need improvement, it’s more important to act on them.

5. Keep Things In Proportion.

One of the best things about SWOT analysis is its simplicity and practicality. That’s why too much can be a bad thing. Don’t go overboard with your SWOT analysis, or it will lose its effectiveness as an analytical tool.

6. Utilize SWOT Analysis As A Guide, Not An Answer.

SWOT analysis is a framework for thinking about your business. It’s meant to be used as a guide, not an answer or solution in and of itself. If you’re struggling with where to start your SWOT analysis, try identifying the opportunities that are most pressing based on what your strengths are. This will help you identify areas where your company has the most potential to improve or utilize its strengths to capitalize on opportunities within your industry.

7. Identify Opportunities For Growth.

Use SWOT analysis as a tool for focusing on what opportunities your business can explore. Every business has its limitations, but it’s important to remember that your business is capable of so much more than you give it credit for.

8. Focus On The Three Opportunities To Double Your Business.

Every business has three primary opportunities that can be exploited to the fullest in order to double their company’s growth rate. Utilizing these opportunities will help you identify the key actions needed to double your company.

9. Evaluate Opportunities Through The “Four-Square Method.”

In order to go beyond basic SWOT analysis, you need a method for evaluating opportunities and assigning a level of importance or priority. The Four-Square Method provides a simple framework for prioritizing your business’s opportunities so that you can focus on the most critical ones first.

10. Utilize SWOT Analysis To Develop An Action Plan.

Once you’ve identified your opportunities for growth, it’s time to develop an action plan focusing on the three most important ones. This will help you focus on what actions are needed in order to grow your company exponentially. So, don’t wait any longer! Start using SWOT analysis today to improve your business from the inside out.

One easy way to make your own SWOT analysis is to use Venngage — an online infographic maker that offers a wide range of free SWOT analysis templates for everyone. Here are some professional SWOT analysis examples from their website!

SOURCE: Venngage

SOURCE: Venngage

SOURCE: Venngage

SOURCE: Venngage

SWOT analysis is an effective framework for identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats your business faces. It’s simple to understand yet extremely useful when it comes to gaining critical insights into your business that will help you double its growth rate. Identifying the four parts of a SWOT analysis is easy enough, but it can be tough to turn that analysis into an actionable plan. If you’re ready to make your own SWOT chart, click here!

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