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Steps For How To Convert PDF To Excel?


Adobe PDF files are the acronym for portable document format. It is one of the most popular file formats that is being used across the globe by people in different professions. Many printable documents available online are in PDF format. If the file name has .pdf at the end of its name it shows that it is a file in PDF format.

The use of PDF files is growing rapidly with the passing of time. If you are sharing the document in Word format then you would come across the words .docx file at the end of the file name. The receiver or the receivers of the file can open this file format only if they have Microsoft Word installed on their set up as the default file format. If the other side has the same then it is easy to open the file. The risk factor is also there as in addition to the user anyone with the format downloaded can easily edit the file and the text within.

In this respect, PDF files are a much better option as it is not possible to edit the document in this format. It is only for viewing the document. No matter how many times you share the document it would look the same to each person getting it and viewing it. It is for this reason that PDF is a better choice as an official file sharing option.

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What is an Excel file?

Excel is a file format by Microsoft. It is an integral component of Microsoft Office Suite. Unlike the other productivity software under the MS Office Suite, it is a more organized way of managing the data. The file contains sheets that have columns and rows to adjust the data accordingly. The data can be added in the form of text, numerical value, or formula. Excel was introduced back in 1985 with the code name Odyssey.

Excel is a tool introduced by Microsoft to perform multiple tasks. It can calculate, analyze. And represent the data the way you like. The Excel sheets are highly beneficial in organizing the financial data to track the different changes happening in the data.

It is for the multiple features of the excel sheet that the people prefer to use the excel file for their different tasks. If you have to apply a mathematical or statistical formula to extensive data then the excel sheet can help you manage it easily. The sheets help in organizing the routine chores to create a planner format.

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Difference between PDF and Excel format:

Before finding out how to convert the PDF into Excel format it is very important to understand the features that make them stand out from each other:

  • It is easy to share a PDF file as compared to the Excel sheet. There is no fear of or requirement of additional dependencies. While sharing the Microsoft file formats you are often faced with the challenge of compatibility. In case your system does not have the required version, font format, or image supporting application you cannot do the task. There is no such limitation when it comes to PDF files.
  • PDF files have universal compatibility so that they can be easily used with any OS even iOS and Android for your handy gadgets.
  • The display and readability are not impacted by how and where you share it. It is reliable because unlike Excel it can not be edited by anyone unless the one sharing permits it to do so.
  • The PDf files are easy to create. If you have the right PDF creator you can convert any format file into a PDF without any technical challenges.
  • The excel sheets can sometimes be too heavy to share. As you convert the format to PDF it becomes possible to share the file with ease as the size reduces considerably.

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Why convert pdf to excel?

Sometimes it becomes important to convert the PDF file into Excel format. Despite the differences and the features of PDF, it becomes necessary to share the file in Excel format. Here are a few reasons that make the conversion essential:

  • If you have to do a few tasks repeatedly then you need to get the Excel format of the file. This format can record a macro that can automate the recurrent tasks. The macros record the action and then help in executing the same task again and again without additional effort. Macros permit minor editing quite easily.
  • It is possible to add the comments against each cell without any effort. This is special;y helpful when you are handling a shared task. Just use the shortcut shift+F2 and the comment will be added without any inconvenience. The comments help in improving and correcting the task in time.
  • Excel comes with an outclass feature known as pivot Tables. These tables help in looking at the data available in the table carefully. These tables ensure a thorough analysis of the data that ensures the least errors.
  • If you have a PDf file then you need to know that it is not editable. This prevents making real-time changes to the data. If you are doing a shared task and need to make changes from time to time then it is the Excel sheet that can help. The time and date features allow us to create timesheets to ensure that each task is being handled as per the schedule.
  • With the Flash Fill Feature, you need less time to customize the document according to your personal needs and choices.

How to convert the pdf to excel sheets?

There are several applications including Adobe Acrobat DC, that can be used to convert the PDF file to an Excel sheet. All these follow some basic steps that any user can follow for the conversion. These steps include:

  • Launch the application that you are using and then check for the PDF file that you want to convert. Choose the analysis.pdf to convert to the Excel format.
  • Go to the Tools pane and click on the Export PDF option. Choose the Excel option from the File Format. Go to the format radio buttons and choose the file type. Once done click on the Export option.
  • Choose the destination folder for adding the file you want to export. Create the folder by giving a name and then save it.
  • Once the conversion and the Export are complete it is time to open the document in excel. The PDF file is now available in the native Office format. Hence, it is possible to edit the file as per your personal needs and requirements. It would now work as a regular Office document.

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