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Sounds of a broken heart – Best Album of 2020


When you are in a happy relationship, and all of sudden that love affection, and trust seem faded. The fights have no reason and arguments are on peaks. Love talks have taken place informal conversation. No more showing care and concern. Screen time has increased even you are sitting next. What does all this mean? Something is going on. You have to find out what. In this article, I will tell you how to find out the problem with your partner and will also tell you some of the best music albums of 2020.

How to know what’s going on?

 The advanced technology has a lot more to give which most of us don’t know. One of the gifts is spy apps. The spy apps are the software that can be used to spy your partner’s phone. The features are not restricted to tracking one thing but you can track almost everything like his incoming and outgoing calls text messages, WhatsApp chats, browsing history and even you can check his social media account and messenger. And all this without letting him know. Isn’t it great?

You must be thinking about the installation and the charges? The installations are quite easy and different apps charge different amounts depending on your requirements, the phone you and your partner, and of course the budget.

Besides the app, you can even try to communicate directly to know what exactly the situation is. He might be stressed due to more work or have some problems with his family. Talking might help in sorting the things out. Another way is to treat him as you used to do in your early days. Remind him of the talks, the chats, and the dates you went. Maybe these things might change his mind for you.

All these fights, ignorance, and sadness might break you from inside. So you need to work on yourself to stand again.

How to come out of this sad mood?

You can take help of music as it is one of the best ways to change your mood and make you feel happy. The best music albums of 2020 have numerous options that will heal you.

The best music albums of 2020

‘Songs of broken heart’

‘Sounds of broken hearts’ is a beautiful song that expresses the pain of everyone who has been left by his/her partner. I like Sounds of a broken heart as it seems the song is only for me. It describes my real situation

  • All the things being Equal

If you are feeling down lost in your past, then this album might help you in distracting your mind.

  • Pick me up from the floor

The album by extremely talented diva Norah Jones has presented an excellent collection of ballads focusing on loneliness and hurt. So this song might work as a healer to your wounds.

  • Your life is a record

 This album will catch your attention completely with its quality music. This is what you need to listen to when you are all alone.

  • The universal inside

It is the album that is not bound to a conventional one but has its way to express themselves


  • Out of the province


The folk melodies in the song will bring your heart out. This beautiful number by Nadia Reid is worth listening to as every song has its charm.

Likewise, there is a long list which you can choose according to your mood. But always remember listening to music gives a sense of relief to our body. It not only distracts your mind from negativity but makes your heart happy. You will live again.

So which one is your favorite one?


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