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Essential Ways In Organizing Your PDF Files After the Conversion


PDF Bear offers the conversion of your PDF files, and you can also have it the other way around. The convenience of having an online converter tool is that you don’t have brood over downloading unwanted software and apps on your smartphone or computer. You have to open your browser, and within just minutes, you can have your files converted.

You can also do other stuff in PDF Bear; it offers the conversion of your files, and you can also organize your stuff from there. When you have tons of files, you may want to organize them, right? Organizing your PDF files is such a no-brainer in PDF Bear. It is simplified that with just simple and easy steps, you can already merge and split PDF files, or even delete pages.

Merge PDF

This online tool is the easiest and quickest way to combine and merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. It comes with the most straightforward instructions, and with just a few clicks, it makes this tool the best ones available out there. Note that with this exclusive tool that PDF Bear has, you can merge PDFs with ease and efficiency.

You can merge your files with just a few clicks. The first thing is to select the PDF files or drag and drop the files you want to merge with this online PDF merger. Then the PDF combiner will merge your files into one PDF file. After that, you can modify your files however you like it if necessary. When done, press combine or merge PDF, and there it is, click download. Easy.

Split PDF

In PDF Bear, you can split your PDF files with ease. There are two functions with the split PDF function. You can choose to split your PDF files into individual pages or extract specific pages from the original content. You can also view your PDF file when you are using the split PDF tool. This way, you can have a better overview of the file you are splitting.

Splitting your PDF files on this online tool has never been easier. Just chose the file you would like to split. Then select the pages you want to split it to, from the original PDF, by clicking on the page. After you choose the pages you want, click to refine the pages you chose, and export it into an individual PDF. After a short while, the split PDF will be ready for you to download.

Delete pages

This online tool has made it simple for you to remove pages from your PDF files. Imagine if you’re in a hurry and in-charged of a document, and you hastily need to remove a page before a presentation. In mere seconds not lasting a minute, you will be able to delete a page from a PDF document. This online page removal tool is so quick and easy to use that anyone can use it.

Deleting pages from your PDF file made it more comfortable with just a few steps. First is choose the file you want to modify and delete pages from. Then select the pages from your file that you want to remove from the original content. After that, click “apply changes” and wait for the newly updated PDF file. Then you can click download, and there you go, unwanted pages are gone.


These online organizing tools are so convenient and can also be a life-saver when you’re meeting a deadline with a presentation, etc. They are essential when you need modifications to your PDF files. PDF Bear made it convenient, and with such no-brainer and easy to learn steps, you can get away from much more workload with just simple clicks.


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