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Tips How To Get Out Of Facebook Jail {Solution}?


How to get out of Facebook jail? If you are getting a message saying blocked your Facebook account then this question would definitely bother you. Facebook is a popular social media platform that we use daily in our lives. It is hard to think that anyone around us would not be using this platform for connecting with loved ones. What is increasing the number of users of Facebook is the fact that it has all the ease and convenience that a user is looking for. Besides this, it respects the security and safety of all the users. Every member on the forum is given equal importance and therefore the data related to them is kept absolutely private and safe. To make sure that the users enjoy the best services and do not feel threatenedFacebook keeps track of what you are doing and how you are doing? There are certain rules and regulations that are governing the usage by the users. It is binding upon the users to follow these rules and regulations. Just like when we go against the rules and regulations by the governing body we are penalized, Facebook does the same with the users not following these rules.

How To Stay Safe On Facebook?

 You can keep doing the work on Facebook like a good and responsible user. no one would harm you or your account provided you act vigilantly and work responsibly. You can use a VPN for Facebook to ensure security to your account. If you go against the standards set by the Facebook administration then you have to face the hot waters. If there is any discrepancy either witnessed by the administration or reported by the other users then you have to face the restrictions imposed by Facebook. For those who are already facing the restrictions, there is a desire to look for some solution so that they can start using their accounts once again.

We feel your fear and apprehension so in this article we are trying to resolve the problems that have resulted in the blocking of your account as your penalty. We will let you know what are the different types of Facebook jails and how to get out of Facebook jails?

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Types of Facebook Jail?

Before settling the issue of how to get out of Facebook jail?, it is important to find out about the essential types of Facebook jail. Unless you understand these types you cannot find the resolution.

1) Temporary Facebook Jail is just a restriction that the user faces for some time. Facebook restricts certain users and their activities as a result for a certain time period. These activities technically fall under the category of scams. Facebook calls these acts of the users as something spammy. These restrictions are not for a long time but they stay for a limited time. As the time period comes to an end then the restrictions are removed and the user can revert back to normal activities on his favorite platform.

2) Permanent Facebook Jail is altogether a different penalty from the temporary jail. The activities are restricted forever. The permanent restrictions would deprive even a regular user of his right to use Facebook. Hence, as a consequence, the user is deprived of the activities that he can carry out normally on Facebook. The permanent jail cannot be reversed back.

A penalty means that you are barred from using Facebook and using its basic functions. After your penalty is announced and the account is seized you cannot get back to the team responsible for spam detection. Unlike in the case of temporary jail, here you cannot ask for any appeal.

How To Respond?

How to get out of Facebook Jail? If you are finding the solution to this then you need to know that you have to deal with the permanent and temporary jail in a different manner.

  • Permanent blockade:

If you are not able to log in after continuous efforts then it shows that you are permanently blocked from the platform. Despite several efforts, the tech minds have found no way to resolve these problems. If you want to get the problem settled then it is better to start working with a completely new account. Getting a new account itself is a technical thing. You need to recall the last credentials. If you are using the old ones then you cannot get back to Facebook. Create a new account with all new details and credentials. Use completely different data including name, email address, password, phone number, and even address to register as a new user. If you continue using the same details then get ready to face the blockage again.

  • Temporary blocking:

It is not hard to settle the problems if you are temporarily blocked. Such blocking lasts only for a few weeks or months and after that things get back to normal. Be a safe surfer and work vigilantly.

Stay Away From Jail:

If you do not want to face jail then simply follow the given strategies:

  1. Cut down your routine Facebook activity.
  2. Make sure you do the same as you want others to do with you.
  3. Don’t get overwhelmed by the solutions you may get after the Google search. Not all the links there are reliable. Many such links prove to be a scam in the end.
  4. Keep away from auto bots options on Facebook.
  5. Make sure to avoid using pasted stuff. The more original you are, the safer you will be on Facebook.
  6. There is no need to tag people for any reason.


This is a brief but comprehensive introduction and solution guide for your Facebook penalties. Just follow these and enjoy the fun with Facebook.

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