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For How Long Facebook Account Will Be Disabled?


Is there any problem with your Facebook account? Has your Facebook account been blocked due to any reason? You may definitely be looking for the right solution for resolving your account-related problem. The best way of resolving your problem is to recover the account and let it work normally the way it happened before the blocking of the account.

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With the help of this guide, we will help you with your blocked account. Handling the account is very easy if it has been blocked temporarily. Many users get confused after they get to know that their Facebook account has been blocked. The important thing you need to know is that your account can be managed.

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After your Facebook account gets blocked you will have to log into your account and answer the security questions you chose while making your Facebook account. Another way of handling the locked account is Photo-identification. In this guide, we will provide you with all the necessary information about blocked Facebook accounts and how you can manage them.

Reasons for a Disabled Account:

Usually, a Facebook account may get blocked because of the violation of rules and regulations issued by Facebook. The blocking of the account is actually a penalty a user may face after he violates the rules and regulations. A few of the main reasons that may result in the temporary or permanent blocking of your account are as follows:

  • Posting content that violates the Facebook terms
  • Using a fake profile name and hiding your identity
  • Using the details of some other user
  • Demonstrating behavior that is violative under the Facebook Community Standards
  • Harassing or hurting the users
  • Spreading false information about the users
  • Reporting bad about a certain profile

Therefore if there is any problem with your profile and any of the above reasons are reported then Facebook will take all necessary action without letting you know. You won’t even get a warning. Instead, Facebook will take action by blocking your account. It is very important for you to learn all of the rules and regulations of the Facebook administration for avoiding discrepancies in the future. It is not more than a shock because of one single careless post and you will have to lose your account forever.

Types of Blocked Accounts:

If you are worried about your Facebook account disabled for how long then you must find any way of resolving it. But before all this, you will have to understand the blocking of your Facebook accounts in 2 different ways. There are 2 different ways your account would be locked. This includes Temporary Blocking and Permanent Blocking.

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  • Temporary Block: You can identify the temporary block when you see the message showing “Account Disabled” as soon as you log into your account using your credentials.
  • Permanent Block: A permanent block means you will be restricted from using your Facebook account in the future. It is evident from its name what sort of block it is. After you have been permanently blocked you can never use your Facebook account. If your account has been permanently blocked then nothing can help you to get it back.

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How to Manage your Blocked Account:

If you have got your Facebook account blocked then you must first get to know that it is temporarily blocked or permanently blocked. By just following the given two steps you can get back your normally functioning account.

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Step 1:

You can start with this easy step. This is your first effort of getting your account back. The first step includes the submission of an appeal against your temporary blocking of the account. If you want to appeal against Facebook’s action of blocking your account then you can appeal first. To begin, you must select the Appeal Now option under the Facebook account. If you have been logged into your Facebook account from another device then you will not see the option of Login Email Address or Mobile Phone Number in the form that appears after you have clicked the option of submitting an appeal. You will have to add all the appropriate information required in that form. After filling the form you must recheck the details. Moreover, you also have to provide the documents provided to you by the Government. These documents may include:

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  • Driving License
  • Voter ID Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Personal or Vehicle Insurance Card
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Official Name Change Paperwork
  • Green Card, Residence Permit, or Immigration Papers
  • Tax Identification Card

If you don’t possess the above-listed documents then you can provide the following documents:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill
  • School ID Card
  • Library Card
  • Health INsurance

After you have entered all of the details you can then press the Send button

Step 2:

After you have submitted the form then you will have to be a little patient. Usually, Facebook takes 2 – 7 days to get back to you. You must check your email regularly for finding the response. You can also log into your account but you don’t have to be desperate. Usually, some users get desperate and start submitting proofs. They even submit proofs that are not considered by the Facebook administration. It is very necessary that you act like a conscious user. After submitting an appeal it is not necessary that you get a positive response so you should keep this in your mind as well. Lastly, you should not provide fake evidence as well because it will get you in deep trouble.

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