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{Top 10} Best Data Recovery Software?


While working with the computer you often delete the files. Deleting the files does not mean that the file is completely gone. The Windows don’t remove the files permanently. They transform the files into hidden data and the space of that particular file is then overwritten by some other file.

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The deleted files stay on the system for some time. If you do access them well in time it becomes possible to get back these deleted files. The job of recovering these files can’t be really easy if you are using the data recovery software. This software helps to scan the whole system thoroughly to look for what is missing from the system.

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How can the data recovery software help?

  • The job of the data recovery software is to keep all the files safe from the corrupted data. It even allows searching for the desired files in the inaccessible storage and the lost partitions.
  • The software can help the user is looking for the data in any internal or external storage device like hard drives, SSDs, USB flash drives, SD cards, and optical discs.

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  • Sometimes the data gets deleted accidentally. You don’t intend to remove the files but some accidental happening removes them from the system. The main causes behind the accidental deletion include unintentional deletion, unintentional formatting, virus infection, software corruption, power outages, hacking attacks, and logical damages. The data recovery software can allow you to recover the files lost due to any of these reasons.

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Points to Ponder:

If you want to equip your system with data recovery software then before actually getting one make sure that it has the following features:

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  • Recovering the lost data: The moment a user presses Shift+Delete in Windows, the file will vanish permanently instead of going to the recycle bin. The file already in the recycle bin cannot be recovered if you delete them from the recycle bin. Make sure that the software has this basic feature of recovering the data. This is the first essential; that needs to be fulfilled.

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  • Recovering formatted drive: While using Windows you may format the drive. This can be both intentional or accidental. In the due course of formatting, there are chances to lose all the data on these drives. Make sure that the software you are acquiring supports the different storage devices hard drives, SSDs, USB flash drives, and SD cards.
  • Recovering portable storage: Many users protect and save the essential data in some external device. It is thought to be a safe alternative. If these external devices get corrupted or damaged you might lose some of the key data that you may need at times. The best data recovery software is the one that can support these external storage devices like the SD card or even the digital camera.

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  • Recovering the partitions: If any of the partitions on the system gets corrupted or damaged it becomes impossible to reach out for the data within. The most reasonable software for recovering the data would ensure that you can get back the data stored in the partitions.
  • Safeguarding the data: The purpose of the data recovery software is not merely protecting the data but also safeguarding your pivotal data. The software comes with comprehensive features to keep the files safe. After getting the software it becomes possible to access the cloud-based recovery vault that can protect the data for a long time.
  • Optical media recovery: Besides the hard drive the most effective way of handling the data is to use optical media. These devices are meant for the long-term protection of the data. These optical drives are delicate and need proper protection. In case they are not taken care of they can get scratches that in return damages the essential data. Not all recovery applications can recover the data from the damaged sectors of the devices. Get the one that actually supports these devices and is efficient enough to retrieve the data from the damaged or the bad sections of the CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray discs.
  • Effective file support: The best recovery software is the one that can support the files along with the extension. Thus, it becomes possible to recover all kinds of data.
  • User-friendly interface: Look at the interface before making the final choice of the software. The experts recommend an intuitive interface for the system. The first-time users would love having the Wizard feature so that it becomes easy to learn the essential features before actually using it.
  • Quality assurance: The quality of the software depends on the fact that how well it scans and recovers the files. The minimum time it takes to scan, the more reliable it will be. Scanning an SSD is less time-consuming than scanning a mechanical hard drive. Thus, check for the average scanning time of the software to make sure that you enjoy the best results in the least possible time.
  • Emergency recovery: If you are running a business then it is better to get something that can handle the emergencies before it turns into a catastrophic condition. Emergency recovery means that the software comes into action immediately after the boot failures, unexpected system crashes virus attacks and hacking.
  • Pause and resume: It is a great choice to allow the user to handle the activity according to your personal convenience and ease. It becomes quite convenient to handle the scanning and recovery from the larger drivers if the software has the option of pausing and resuming the activity when needed.
  • Quick scan feature: Advanced scan algorithm or the quick scan feature ensures quick recovery of the data deleted from the system. Similarly, the Deep Scan feature is like diving deep into the water to grab the essentials that you need. The deep scan ensures that you don’t miss recovering any byte. The best software is the one that ensures recovering data of all kinds including documents, media files that you might have lost in the recent past.
  • Recover and Scan: A software that scans separately and recovers after it’s over makes things hectic and time-consuming. Choose one that performs the task of scanning and recovering simultaneously.
  • Repairing the corrupted files: Sometimes as the files are retrieved it gets corrupted or damaged. In this case, the recovered files are of no use. The data recovery software must be efficient to recover and repair the files. Such software allows repairing the damaged JPG, MP4, DOC, and other common file types easily.
  • Recovering data from RAID: RAID is a popular device these days. Make sure that your software is efficient enough to recover the data from RAID. This is possible only when the software can recognize the RAID metadata and modify the configurations accordingly.
  • Recovering data from NAS: If the storage configuration is not right and there are problems with the firmware updates then you might lose the essential data from NAS. NAS is an important element in small and big businesses. Thus, it is essential to make sure that the recovery software can handle the NAS devices as well.



Considering these essential features, we can confidently recommend using EaseUS Data Recovery Software. It can be a perfect option for getting back what you have deleted from the system intentionally or accidentally. You can use it with any storage option may it be on the system, portable, or on the network. Start with using the free version and you would definitely love it.

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