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What Is Crunchyroll? All Information You Need


Today, Crunchyroll, Inc., the top worldwide Japanese content destination and platform, has launched a new co-venture to develop anime for the international market and Sumitomo Corp., one of Japan’s largest integrated trading and investment firms. A joint venture for investment in new animated works, delivered by Crunchyroll to a global audience, lies at the very heart of this strategic relationship. Currently, Crunchyroll delivers anime to over 10 million spectators weekly on Japan TV in seven languages. Mr. Iehisa Nakamura, Corporate Officer and General Manager of the Sumitomo Corporation media division state: “Crunchyroll is a major video streaming firm and is well-known among animation lovers across the country who have developed their trust and deep bonds with it. The voice of global animation lovers will be able to directly access anime production companies via the Crunchyroll network, which I believe will generate intriguing animations for the worldwide public. We want to contribute to the anime industry’s progress by developing a new animation for Japanese anime lovers worldwide with Crunchyroll.” With over 45 million registered users, over 2 million subscriptions, and over 30 million worldwide social followers across platforms, Crunchyroll is the world’s largest destination for animation. Crunchyroll’s objective is to become a refuge for the anime community, a place to unite new and veteran anime lovers with their material. Crunchyroll Beta offers a new user experience on its Crunchyroll home page that allows users to get tailored suggestions and simply access their monitoring list or particular program pages or episodes that have all been revamped. Crunchyroll Beta also enables users to readily access simulcasts, new and popular anime models, and explore different genres when filtering between subtitled and dubbed anime series. Crunchyroll will continue to offer curated collections by anime experts from Crunchyroll as well as the new search bar.


Sony’s anime companies, including Funimation and our fine colleagues at Aniplex and Sony Music Entertainment Japan, receive significant added value from Crunchyroll,” Tony Vinciquerra, president and CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., stated. “With Crunchyroll and Funimation we are dedicated to producing the ideal anime experience for fans and to provide our main partners, publishers, and enormously brilliant artists with a unique chance to continue delivering their excellent work to audiences worldwide. With Crunchyroll, we can provide animated fans like never before and provide them a lively experience on every given platform – from theatre to events, home events, games, streaming, and linear TV – everywhere and in all walks of life to fans. Our objective is to provide a uniform anime subscription experience as quickly as feasible. We welcome Crunchyroll to the Sony Group,” stated Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of Sony Group Corporation. “Anime is a fast expanding medium that inspires and excites people across the world. Crunchyroll and Funimation will bring us closer to the creators and fans that are at the core of the animated community. We look forward to an even more excellent entertainment that emotionally fills the globe with anime. Crunchyroll now handles the rights for over 350 anime titles and works with over 100 licensees around the world to give animated fans their favorite lifestyles, clothing, toys, and home-built items. Crunchyroll is an official destination for the biggest and freshest Anime and Manga line-ups. Crunchyroll broadcasts Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, and One Piece to millions of fans worldwide and lets them buy related goods through their online store. Crunchyroll offers material from prominent Asian media manufacturers directly to viewers that are traduced professionally in many languages through its application for game consoles, set-top boxes, mobile devices, and more. The service is free of charge or via a premium range that allows users to see simulcast ad-free—top programs immediately after Japanese broadcast. Otter Media, a joint venture between AT&T and The Chernin Group, is Crunchyroll’s main backer. Crunchyroll has San Francisco and Tokyo offices.

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Crunchyroll social has been the most involved in spreading Crunchyroll news. Crunchyroll social in 2018:

  • Shared over 2,700 news stories on Twitter.
  • Received 205MM impressions around Crunchyroll News.
  • When comparing Crunchyroll News to others in the space, Crunchyroll’s news tweets receive more engagements on social media than any other anime news outlet.

About Funimation

Funimation gives a dedicated, worldwide fan base the greatest animation. Funimation has been providing encouragement to fans for over 25 years and develops an all-around strategy to attracting and entertaining millions of people in their favor—streaming, entertainment at home, theatre, e-commerce, merchandising live events, and more. The streaming services of Funimation provide a growing collection of more than 700 anime episodes and 13,000 hours of material available on 15 platforms and in 49 countries. The in-house team creates Funimation must-have exclusive collectibles offered via major stores and an e-commerce site. Funimation’s theatre business distributed and marketed six of the top 20 anime films in the United States. Funimation, as a pioneer of the SimulDubTM, is the gold standard for the dubbing of Japanese anime with the highest quality standards and adherence to the original creators. Funimation has established a community of tens of millions of fans and has gained the trust of Japan’s most renowned creators with a fan-centered strategy. In six countries, Funimation has nine offices and hundreds of staff throughout the world. Funimation benefits from significant entertainment knowledge spanning cultures, lands, and languages as a joint venture between US-based Sony Pictures Entertainment and Japan’s Aniplex Inc., a part of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.Crunchyroll is the main supplier of streaming material for the anime genre in Japan. In this case, they issued a push message that informs the user of one piece’s newest arc. The service still provides a free, ad-supported level where a week after the first new episodes are accessible. There is also a $7.99/month premium including ad-free viewing, a concurrent stream, and access to the anime library in Crunchyroll of over 1000 titles and 30 000 episodes along with quick access to today and date simulcast series in Japan. Such subscribers also get access to Crunchyroll’s digital manga collection. The ‘Mega Fan’ contains all of the above-listed products and casts up to four confrontational streams and $15 off a three-month purchase of $100 in the Crunchyroll Store. The “Last Subscriber” tier ($14,99/month) gets all the above stated plus off-line watching, up to six competitors strands, a yearly Ultimate Subscriber Swag Bag, $25 off purchasing $100 every three months from the Crunchyroll Store, and unique access to Ultimate Fan goods. The samurai alliance is progressing in the background without obvious difficulties. It will only be a matter of time until they get in because their line of invasion is now vacant. The undersea party that travels with Law and Inuarashi is likewise well advanced. There’s probably more time to screen from the Living Floor for now, as it’s the brightest in all of the island locations.

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