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Comodo AntiVirus: A Feature-Filled Internet Security Program


These days, cybersecurity programs that people usually get whenever they buy a brand new unit that is less than capable in protecting gadgets from high-grade threats. Those programs definitely served well in the past; however, there are new and smart threats created each day, and the only way to fight it is by getting the next-gen internet securities.

Over the last few years, Comodo is popularly known for its sleek user interfaces on its secure antivirus software applications. However, did you know that Comodo is also well-known as one of the antivirus companies that offer Linux users a free tool? Not only that, but it also offers MacOS users a free antivirus program.

In this article, we’re going to see if the Comodo Internet Security lives up to its reputation.

Comodo’s Features

Comodo’s internet security and antivirus program added to the bundle some wonderful features. The tools included in the package are somewhat difficult to find anywhere else. However, the following features are the ones that take up most of the attention:

Application Control: 

Not all antivirus programs offer tools that can aid users in navigating through complicated areas. For instance, the program can help users go around the complicated process of operating an extensively infected system unit or recovering a non-functioning system from a flash drive. Comodo’s program completely covers that gap for convenience.

Gaming Mode:

Suppose you’re one to completely immerse in an online game such as the Diablo, World of Warcraft, or any other MMORPGs. In that case, you don’t want to be torn away from the immersive experience by a random pop-up of an antivirus program. Fortunately, Comodo’s software is programmed to determine if games are running so it can suppress unnecessary or unimportant notifications.

Safety and Security Programs

The Comodo antivirus programs offer products that are entirely free to download and use. The free product includes the Comodo AntiVirus Advanced and the standard Comodo AntiVirus. These programs provide instant elimination of viruses along with complete scanning in real-time.

Comodo Internet Security:

Comodo Internet Security is free to download and has spectacular cybersecurity features of all sorts. One application control is a software that only verifies and allows legit software to run in your system unit. The program also has a cloud-based whitelisting to aid users in identifying authentic files.

Antivirus Advanced Program:

The Antivirus Advanced Program offers some imposing features in the package. The Auto Sandbox Technology is a trademark program from the company, which is included in the package. The overall software functions smoothly during rigorous testing, other than only notifying the users of the obvious in the virtual environment.

Auto Sandbox Technology

Comodo Internet Protection takes a unique approach with the Sandbox system instead of monitoring incoming and outgoing threats. A sandbox is a simulated testing machine environment, in which you can search the web without being worried about system-changing programs.

The Valkyrie System

Comodo’s Valkyrie technology implements real-time behavior control that shields you from undiscovered malware. Many of the methods used in the method include the Signature Recognition and Trustworthy Certificate Validation. This technology can predict if the software is intrinsically malicious by merely looking at a string in the file.

Default-Deny Protection Feature

The default-deny security feature is a unique defensive line that looks at malware threats, in particular, minimizing threat possibilities. It improves auto-sandboxing capability, primarily to execute unreliable programs. It detects and eliminates viruses, removes suspect files, searches in real-time, and regularly changes the virus signatures.

Free For Linux and macOS

The Comodo’s Antivirus Program is known to be free for Linux and macOS users, offering a free tool for the Operating System and full support for the distributions of OpenSUSE, Fedora, and Ubuntu. The program also features a free complete system scan for viruses with only a single click of a button.

Convenience Is Its Second Priority

The company of the Comodo Antivirus Program takes the extra mile to make it visually appealing overall and accessible to its user interfaces. Aside from the Game Mode feature, users usually loved the program’s capabilities, such as a full system scan with a single click, complete control of the pop-up notifications, and selecting the theme style.

While there are other antivirus programs out there that are more than satisfied with themselves in delivering wonderful products, most users are pleased with Comodo’s efforts in keeping up with the industry to set a high standard for the overall UI design.

Comodo’s Online Support

Centered on an online portal, Comodo’s support center offers a ticket-based query system besides its quick and responsive window for live chat. The company is proud of its reputation for the support’s responsiveness, and most of its users can vouch for that. Most of the time, the ticket-based queries will receive a response within an hour.

Aside from the Comodo support team’s quick and courteous responses, customer support can also be provided with email or telephone services. The company also maintains its wonderful knowledge base and an online forum for users, if self-help is more your thing.

Acquiring For Premium Services

Of all the products mentioned in this article: the Comodo antivirus program, the Comodo Internet Security, and the Advanced Antivirus Program. The Advanced Antivirus is the paid software. With a great deal for its price, the program already offers an outstanding variety of features and good and consistent online support for all your needs and queries.


Although the malware detection and antivirus are fine, the program still ended up with the lowest-scoring in the benchmarks for performance so far. However, the internet security program has a tolerable price of around 40 dollars for three devices. Overall, Comodo Internet Security is fine, unless you have a mid-range PC or above.

Overall, Comodo received its well-deserved praise for all of its features and usability, even more so than the industry-leading companies. The advanced and standard cybersecurity programs offer vigorous protection against malware and viruses, and it’s also cloud-based. Also, the online support team of Comodo receives high remarks of knowledge and responsiveness.


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