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Buy Fated Raids Boost Services for a Cheap Price


Fated Raid mode brought to WoW by the new Season has led to the emergence of new carry services. Many reasons can make players consider purchasing one. Some players prefer other types of WoW content to raid farming, some are too busy IRL, and others find this experience too hard and demanding. 

But very few people can simply forget about the new PVE content — at least because of the different valuable rewards promised for success. Like a unique mount Jigglesworth, Sr., which is given for completing all Fated Normal raid dungeons. Or like powerful equipment with the highest ilvl, which would be useful for success in other types of content and to prepare yourself for a Dragonflight. That’s what makes Fated raid boost for a cheap price such a popular service. 

What is Fated Raids boost?

What is included in Fated Raid boosts, and why is it important to seek help for a proper raid farm? Well, as the new Season hasn’t brought completely new instances, other Shadowlands raids were empowered. Each week one raid is buffed with a special Fated Affix. It makes all the bosses in the dungeon significantly stronger. The result is not only a simple increase of boss HP and damage but also new mechanics put in the encounter. 

That is why Fated Raid affixes may make a player express a need for a raid carry. There are five types of Affixes with which every boss can be buffed, and they are not strictly tied to raids or bosses. The next time you try to farm an instance, a familiar boss may be empowered with a new Affix. That can make you significantly change your tactics. Even though a fresh mechanic is implemented into the old raids, that is why such an experience of raid farming can be more difficult than farming an unfamiliar dungeon. 

Fated Raid boosts have special conditions and options not only because of the Affix mechanic. One of the crucial goals of a farm is the weapon and armor that can be found in this or that instance. But due to specifics of the Fated raids’ initial rotation, each week only one raid will be accessible in a Fated mode. At least in the coming months. And there is no guarantee that you will succeed to collect a complete set of certain gear that will properly increase your ilvl. Especially if you’re really not lucky.

But ordering Fated raid carry solves this problem too. For instance, depending on the type of loot system that you choose in the ordered service, there is an option to get much more loot. Up to x7 items for various slots in the case of Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones on Normal difficulty. Indeed, that’s an effective way to fight the consequences of bad luck that can traumatize players who gained no reward for passing through a really hard experience. 

Besides, each purchased Fated Raid run with a standard PL loot system will still guarantee you to get at least 3 pieces of Fated equipment in the future. The thing is that the new Season has also brought a Fated raid questline. Its aim is to kill certain numbers of bosses and receive a unique currency that is called Puzzling Cartel Dinars. For those Dinars, you can buy a maximum of 3 Fated items which three mysterious Brokers sell near the Great Vault. 

Due to the number of bosses required to kill for a quest, that’s not a very fast way to obtain new items. Still, that makes Fated raids farm more productive. Each successfully completed raid moves you closer to getting those guaranteed items. So that the cheapest and the easiest services won’t leave you unsatisfied with the results!

Where to buy WoW Fated Raids services?

WowVendor has a page, where you can choose what WoW Fated Raid service to buy. Undoubtedly, the offered choice is vast. Someone may even find it too vast, which makes it necessary to make a few clarifications. 

One of the least expensive Fated Raid types of carry services is a Single Boss Boost. Due to several reasons, you may need to deal with only the final boss of the Fated Sanctum of Domination at normal difficulty, Sylvanas Windrunner. The price for a self-played farm of Sylvanas will be just $10.3 for EU players and $12 for the US. (A self-played farm of Heroic Sylvanas will cost $29.87 for the EU and $39 for the US.)

The farm of other bosses can possibly cost not less money, as it may simply be harder to organize such a farm. For example, you may have found time, strength, and a raid with which you managed to slay most of the Heroic Sanctum of Domination bosses, but got stuck at the Kel’Thuzad encounter. That’s where a Single Boss

boost awaits you, with a price starting from $16.48 for one boss on the EU server and $21 on the US.

If you are determined by a certain goal and want to achieve a full experience of the newest content, you may consider buying more complete Fated Raid boosts offered by WowVendor. Fated Raids 3 in 1 Bundle with an option of account sharing for an additional price is about completing all the Fated Shadowlands raids on either Normal or Heroic levels of difficulty. Lots of loot, guaranteed mount, and Hero of Fate title gained for heroic meta-achievement — but for a much bigger price and with a much longer approximate time of expectation of long-awaited rewards: from 3 to 6 weeks. 

Fated Castle Nathria Mythic Lootrun Boost is an example of the possibly most expensive boost, but it is worth it. Especially if you remember about the specifics of the Fated loot. The prices differ depending on how many bosses you want to include in this mythic lootrun, and whether you want to take part in this run by yourself. The incredible seriousness of the boost aim caused it to have one temporary strict requirement — it can be purchased only on the EU servers. 

Special Fated Raids mechanic makes it very important to remember that not every service can be completed every week you may wish. That’s why the choice of the desired boost must be wiser than ever. But maybe that will change at the end of Shadowlands, as all the raids are planned to become accessible in Fated mode then. The necessary information will be updated in the descriptions of the services.

But there is an even more important warning for those, who have just been encouraged that they have plenty of time to complete the Shadowlands with their own efforts. With the end of the expansion, Fated Raid meta-achievements and their rewards will become unobtainable for an unknown period. Maybe forever. So hurry up!

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