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Best Free Video-Editing Software For 2020


The best free video editing software for 2020 is much needed for the ones who are into the world of media and especially video making. Video editing is at the heart of video making. It is not possible to get the required results until and unless the videos are edited the way they are needed. Editing does not just mean correcting or trimming, it actually includes several essential things that can at the end be really helpful in creating the best videos for any platform. The editing tools help in getting more viewership. There is a list of best free video editing software for 2020, for those video makers who want to make a difference this year. These tools can help in creating videos of all sorts like those for professional purposes and also for uploading on the social media of our choice.

Here at iTechWays we have tried to gather maximum possible information about the best free video editing program that can help you create the best video in a limited budget. If you have the passion to bring forth your skill before the world then you have actually launched at the right place. These popular applications would help you create awesome videos of all kinds and genres.

Best Free Video Editing Software

Some of the popular video editing tools are as follows:

1. Blender

It is an excellent tool for people using Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems. This editing software does not require any payment. It can be free of cost. In the early stages, it was meant for 3D animation. After some time it grew popular as a video editor. Today this 3D animation tool comes with essential editing tools as well that are being used by most of the videomakers of beginner and professional levels.

Besides simple video tasks like cutting and trimming it is possible to handle complex activities as well as masking, scrubbing, mixing, and waveform visualization. It also allows the video maker to enjoy the live preview while doing the editing.


  • Excellent for all levels of video makers
  • Allows access to features like speed control, transitions, keyframes etc.
  • Allows to use of 32 slots for securing the media files’


  • It is hard to handle some of the features by the beginners.
  • The tutorials are not easy to handle either as they focus on handling the animations more than the ordinary videos.

2. Lightworks

It is another tool for the users of the operating system like Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is so far among the most powerful video editors on the list of video makers. Due to its amazing features and excellent features, it has become the best free software for editing videos. If you want to explore more features then many professional video makers recommend the users to buy the premium version. The free version must not be missed as well as it has almost all that is required like perfect trimming, 720p export for YouTube and multiple formats.


  • Brenders excellent quality videos
  • Comes with easy to follow tutorials for the beginners.
  • Allows editing videos in different formats.


  • Not possible to create 4K video with a free version.

3. Shotcut

If you are a regular user of the operating systems Linux, Windows and Mac then start using the best free video editing software 2019 again in 2020. It is known for being an open-source program that allows the user to access all the essential features after downloading this to the system. This event does not need any activation code per payment. The tutorials added along with the software make working easier and convenient. The interface can be challenging for a few users but the overall performance is amazing. In the early days, it was meant to handle the projects that were running only on Linux but with the passage of time the things became really different and the same was being used on multiple forums afterwards.


  • Can handle different formats
  • Excellent for videos in 4K format.
  • Helps in timeline editing
  • Works without importing the video


  • Interface baffles the beginners quite often.

4. DaVinci Resolve

It is another best free video editing software for Windows 2020 that can be used for Mac and Linux as well. Besides helping in the video trimming and slicing, it can also be used for adding 2D and 3D titles to any video. There is an extensive range of features to ensure perfect trimming. For the professionals, there is an opportunity to switch to the paid version as well to enjoy more technically sound features of the same.

The video makers can enjoy amazing features with this software that include audio mastering, Multicam editing, advanced trimming and color correction.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive color correction feature


  • The tutorials along with the software are not mostly free of cost.

5. Openshot

For those looking for the best free video editing software for 20202 one most recommended name is Openshot. For those who have not used any video editing tool or are a newbie in video making this software can be of great help. It is an excellent choice for all popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. packed with amazing features it is to some extent close to iMovie. Thus, Mac users don’t find it quite hard to use. The users find it quite fascinating as there is a perfect balance between the easy to follow interface and the extensive features. Whether you want multiple layering or smooth audio mixing it has everything for the user.

Resize the clips, create watermarks, rotate the image or video, create perfect titles and even add 3D animated titles for a perfectly inspiring video with this software.


  • Allows multi-layering feature
  • Not restricted and available as open-source
  • Excellent for beginners


  • Difficult to learn due to limited tutorials available.

Final Words

Video making is fun but video editing can make things even more impressive and inspiring. The task of editing is no longer hard. Get the editor of your choice and let the word appreciate your skills as a creative creator.


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