Choose the best data recovery apps because data is one of the most important aspects on which all companies count on. The data-entry team is always at work, striving hard to find accurate data be it for a potential client, or keep the existing data up to date.

Data can be collected in two ways: Digitally and Manually. As the name shows, the data collected digitally requires the use of computers and the internet. On the other hand, in collecting data manually, hard copies of copies are required that should be scanned and uploaded on the system. This method is very tiresome and challenging, as it required a lot of time and energy to collect data manually. In such a situation, data entry tools prove to be of great assistance.

Working on the advanced technology OCR, data entry tools are simple, affordable, and save time as well. There are plenty of data entry tools available in the market. If you are not able to choose the best data recovery apps then some of the best are given below so I may have an idea which one to pick amongst many.

List of Best Data Recovery App 2020

1. Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is an amazing data-entry tool that helps one collect data by letting the users create forms on the website and setting email notification according to one’s requirements.


  • It is well equipped with all the necessary tools which are required to create a form with the required field for the sake of text and formula.
  • It lets users customize their forms with logos, colors, different themes, and templates.
  • There is also an option available to insert forms to web pages and share them through mail, social media platforms, etc.
  • One of the best features of this tool is that it allows users to stay posted about the data. For example, it lets users know the total number of sales closed, creating reports, or even exporting the data

Price:  Plan starts from $6.75 and is billed annually.

2. EmailMeForm

EmailMeForm is also a well known data-entry software which provides assistance to companies in collecting data and payments. It is possible by creating a simple form in HTML and a survey maker app also.


  • The forms created by it are compatible with any device
  • Linking secure merchant services for payments with the forms is also possible with this tool
  • It accepts credit card payments while on the move
  • There are different beautiful designs available to embellish the forms. Templates can also be edited. In fact, the feature of creating one’s own form is also available.

Price: Free version is also available. Plans start from $9.95 per month

3. Abbyy FlexiCapture

Abbyy Flexi Capture is considered to be the best platform for collecting, processing, verifying, generating, and implementing data into the computer. This data entry software is especially designed to fulfil the needs of the intricate digital companies nowadays.


  • It comes in cloud fields as well as in the form of SDK.
  • Natural data processing technology is deployed to automate the finding and collection like comprehending, dividing, and mapping the documents
  • This tool quite conveniently and automatically processes important data premises, conditions, and elements depending on the business needs and terms.
  • This software also has tools as well as reports to keep a check on vital parameters.

Price: plans start at $199 just once


This software offers great convenience by providing services which are less expensive and more efficient in results by streamlining the everyday operation and making amends during manual entries.


  • It records data that is located inside the 2D barcodes and also runs precise scans.
  • It also supports OMR which helps one easily collect information marked by people from the paper medium
  • It transforms smartphones into a recording machine for the sake of data recovery
  • It identifies human handwriting using ICR and converts into useful data
  • It has auto-learning, secure encryption, enhancing image quality, compatibility with all major web browsers.

Price: Free trials are also available. Prices can be known by contacting the vendor.

5. PieSync

This software syncs customers in both directions on all business software and devices with the help of data entry software. It saves one from the hustle of going into manual entry of data. One of the best things of this software is it being a code-free platform.


  • It easily integrates with hundreds of app
  • It assists in matching contacts in both directions and supports the live processing of fresh and old data
  • It lets users create customized settings in three steps where they can easily insert their terms and executions while mapping the fields in like 5 minutes

Price:  The plan start from $9 per month

6. SlickPie

This data entry software is considered to be one of the best data entry tools in terms of its services in managing business overheads. It includes preparing bills and invoices; automated data entry; creating financial reports and much more.


  • This software makes it easier to create quotes and valuations, making steady invoices, handling bills, keeping a check on overheads and sales tax, and viewing past transaction is also possible
  • It also offers automatic data entry for receipts, real time bank updates, and also completes customer support. Bank level security is also provided
  • There is also an option available to merge bank transactions, to view budgetary performance reports, to create reminders for late payments, and also to check status on any device.

Price:  Upgrading is available at $39.95 per month for almost 50 companies.

7. Tiger sheet

It makes the process of data entry a piece of cake. It manages and sorts out messy spreadsheets using the no-code setting which helps in making a custom business app. With it, the need of a developer is eliminated.


  • It helps in development of a custom CRM which helps in making sales with the potential customer
  • It lets users make as well as share high quality invoices with their customers.
  • It also lets one share delivery as well as low stock status with clients

Price: Plans start from $10 per month and a free version is also available.

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