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Adding Page Numbers to PDF using GogoPDF


Page numbers are part of making a document more presentable and organized on both hard and soft copies. On soft copies, it is really easy to put page numbers on Word and PowerPoint, but it seems it is a different story for the numbering pages of a PDF file. Since PDF is more challenging to edit, GogoPDF made it more comfortable regarding page numbering.

GogoPDF is a user-friendly website since its interior is easy to understand even for those new to computer processes. It offers to help you in numbering the pages of your PDF file, saving you the hassle of editing it in a Word document before converting it to PDF. The most brilliant thing about it, this page numbering service is for free.

Four Easy Steps in Page Numbering your PDF File

Aside from being free, GogoPDF boasts it’s four easy to follow steps on how to add page numbers to PDF online. First, find the PDF file you want to edit and upload it by clicking the select file button. You can also manually drag the file to the toolbox instead of uploading it if you just feel like it.

Second, choose what part of the page you would want your page number to appear. Place it on the top right corner or the top middle; others prefer the bottom right. Save the changes, you made after you have decided on the part you wish it to be shown.

After saving, you need to select how you would want to share your work. GogoPDF will provide a link, and you may copy it if you wish to or have it emailed to your account. Finally, download and save your numbered PDF file on your computer or share it on your social media accounts if there’s no confidential information on your file.

Website’s Operating System Compatibility

Gogo PDfs online tools keep all the data on your devices without hassle because it is compatible with all major and popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and other known browsers. It also supports major operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac, etc. 

Effortless Page Numbering Steps

GogoPDF allows you to experience the advantages of numbering your pages. Numbering can play a significant part in making a report or a document easier to understand for the readers. It will help you breeze with the presentation with ease and present your ideas clearly and flawlessly. 

Just pouring all your ideas will not help send the message you want to convey. Arrange it so it can present itself. With the help of Gogo PDfs online editing tools, you can number the pages of your PDF files quickly and speedily. 

In just four steps, upload the file, number the pages, download the edited file and save it to your device. You will have a presentable and organized report, documents, or files for your boss or colleagues. With it being free, costly editing service is one less thing to worry about.

Share Options you would like

You can also help a busy friend by using GogoPDF. Become a good friend and use GogoPDF to number the PDF file your friend needs to number through the same process and share it with him right after finishing the process.

You do not have to download the edited version first, then upload it again to your email before sending it to your friend. GogoPDF enables you to send the finished product via email or by a message by copying the link.

Committed Privacy Protection Policy

You do not have to worry about your privacy anymore. GogoPDF values every user’s trust and is committed to protecting it from any security threats that may harm you. By adhering to the highest security standards, the website watched every confidential information and personal data of every customer. 

The website assures all of its consumers that all documents uploaded were automatically deleted from its server after an hour. None of this information will be used after serving its intended purpose to the website.

Cloud Storage Feature

A stable internet connection is all you need if you want the service of GogoPDF, with it being free and safe. There is no need to download or install any applications or software on your device. 

The entire editing process will take place on its servers and always be done online and saved in the Cloud. GogoPDF is a platform that requires nothing from you aside from your internet connection.


Numbering pages were just made more manageable by GogoPDF. You can experience an easy and hassle-free by just uploading your file and following the remaining three easy-to-understand steps. The website is worth your trust, with it offering a free page numbering service and a secure environment for your data and confidential information.

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