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12 Aesthetically Amazing Over-the-Toilet Space Savers


The bathroom is quite possibly the most labor-intensive room in the house. It is usually the reason we get up early for work since we don’t want to stand in line while the other person finishes having a bath. It’s the place where we go first thing in the morning after getting up and the last place we visit before heading to bed. Given the importance of the bathroom, adequate storage is essential. The trendiest and useful kind of storage unit now is the over-the-toilet space savers. Having this, it would be easy for you to take your essentials while having comfort on your own. Here are some of the most recommended space savers for your toilet.

1. Zenna Home Over-The-Toilet Space-Saver

The bottom shelf of this over the toilet space saver is 35 inches from the floor. It has plenty of room for shampoo, linens, soap, conditioner, and other bath products, or it can be used to display ornamental accessories. The driftwood-colored wood shelves and pewter frame will go well with a variety of hardware and bathroom design styles. It is strong and rust-resistant, and all necessary mounting hardware is provided.

2. BestComfort Over-The-Toilet Space-Saver

This over-the-toilet rack features two-door cabinets that are ideal for storing extra washcloths, toiletries, and hand towels without causing any swaying. This bathroom toilet rack has a surface that is easy to wash and moisture-proof, as well as high-quality solid MDF pine and panels that are effective and robust for long-term usage. Fits over regular toilet tanks and offers convenient storage for tissue roll and other bathroom needs. The cabinet’s top, the lowest shelf, is inside the doors. This space-saving cabinet contains more than just paper towels, and the additional top shelf area is useful for storing objects other than the bathroom sink top. You don’t have to lean over to collect something from under the sink.

3. Zenna Home Bath Storage Shelves

This combination of hidden and open storage, as well as additional space inside the drop door area. The bottom shelf is 31.75 inches from the ground; add Zenna Home leg extensions for up to 4.5 extra inches of height. It is made of long-lasting man-made wood. It comes in chrome-finished hardware with a sleek white finish.

4. Honey-Can-Do Space Saver Shelf

This steel 4-tier bathroom tower shelf is 24.2 x 11.2 x 67.72 inches in size and weighs 0.45 kg. It provides vertical storage space suitable for towels, plants, and other items. It has a neutral chrome finish and a 10.5-inch space between each shelf.

5. Rosecliff Heights Roberts Over-The-Toilet Storage

With this over-the-toilet space saver, you can improve your home storage while also providing timeless décor. This attractive cabinet has a fixed open shelf and an adjustable inside shelf to assist you to maintain your home orderly and clutter-free. This toilet space-saver is made of strong engineered wood and is designed to provide long-lasting efficiency.

6. Rebrilliant Over-The-Toilet Storage

If you let it, your toilet may become one of the most chaotic areas in your home, but don’t panic, this storage box is here for the rescue. It is made of synthetic wood and has an over-the-toilet layout, which is great for saving important space. The two doors open to expose even extra storage space for hygiene products and an exterior cubby stores medications, cotton swabs, and other toiletries.

7. Dotted Line Dash Over-The-Toilet Storage

This white freestanding metal over-the-toilet space saver has four shelves and a chrome finish. This fits perfectly to provide vertical bathroom storage while also maximizing storage for washcloths, towels, and other bathroom necessities.

8. Winston Porter Molino Over-The-Toilet Storage

With this design, you can make use of excess vertical space. To save space, it integrates seamlessly over most ordinary toilets. Its basic finish makes it the ideal accompaniment to all of your toilet needs. The two open shelves make it easy to find what you need. It displays extra rolls, bath towels, toilet paper, plants, and other items on the shelf. It lends a delightful minimalism flare to your basic dwelling with its slender and basic shape.

9. Sand & Stable Bella Over-The-Toilet Storage

This over-the-toilet storage shelf is a fashionable and functional solution to organize your or your guest’s bathroom. It’s composed of engineered wood with a clean white finish and is meant to accommodate most standard-sized bathrooms. The streamlined, ladder-style structure has an open appearance that spreads at the bottom for just the right amount of coastal farmhouse appeal in your room. It also has four layers of shelf space, which is excellent for storing bottles, wet wipes, and even a tiny succulent for a touch of green. This shelf is 66.5″ in height and 22.5″ wide, making it excellent for tiny settings.

10. Ebern Designs Antonucci Over-The-Toilet Storage

With its extra space for clothes and amenities, this toilet space saver is made of PVC tubes and particleboard for extra stability and prolonged shelf longevity. It has plenty of organization and storage space, and it is built with a simple style that looks great in most restrooms.

11. Zipcode Design Hoschton Over-The-Toilet Storage

If you’re having trouble with your small powder room, this over-the-toilet shelf will come in handy. With this crucial storage shelf, you can reap the benefits of that often-overlooked area surrounding the John. It’s intended to be placed over your toilet, with three shelves to carry paper towels and essentials. It has a leaning ladder design with a neutral solid finish and its frame is made of manufactured wood, making it suitable for both classical and innovative tastes.

12. 17 Stories Eckles Over-The-Toilet Storage

With this over-the-toilet shelving, you can eliminate debris from your powder room without taking up valuable space. This tiny piece has a boxy form spanning 64″ H x 25″ W x 8.5″ D overall to accommodate over the John and is constructed with an angular metal frame in a dark gray finish. The top and three lower layers are made of wire-brushed brown finished manufactured veneers and wood for industrial appearance.

Final Thoughts

You no longer need to be concerned if your little bathroom lacks storage space for your toiletries. These must-have toilet organization and uniformity tools will come in handy. Check out Storables.com for the best over-the-toilet space savers. There, you’ll find the perfect one for your preference, and they offer the best prices, too!

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