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10 Best Free DVD Players For Windows 10 and Mac


Finding 10 best free DVD players for Windows 10 and Mac is not an easy task to handle. These data carriers are no longer in active use. The current platforms do not have optical disc drives. The Windows Media Center has further put an end to the times of DVD player.

If you still want to use the DVD with Windows 10 or Mac then it is essential to get assistance from some third party DVD player. Although it is no longer an actively used device still there are several variations present. There is a variety of video players available on the market. If you want one for your system, then here we have the information that you are hunting for.

Which DVD Player is the best?

With a variety of products available, you need to know about the best options in the store. This would definitely help you in getting the right option. Here we have collected the information pertaining to the top 10 DVD players but before you choose it is a must know if the following features are there in your choice:

  1. Which audio and video formats will it support?
  2. Can it be used for Blu-rays discs?
  3. Is the player compatible with the operating systems?
  4. Are you equipped with all the necessary codecs?

Get the information and then decide which of the top 10 meets your needs.

List of Top 10 Best Free DVD Players

1. VLC Media Player

It is a popular and most used creation by VideoLan. For the last two decades, it has become a popular choice among media players. It is easy to use with multiple kinds of devices including Windows 10 and Mac. It facilitates the user to play all kinds of media files. With all the essential features VLC is recognized as the top DVD player. Use it for playing the DVD or the Blu-ray discs and it would give an unbeatable performance. Forget about the codecs, VLC can play any video file.


  • Available free of cost.
  • Versatile
  • Comes with an editing option
  • An added feature of syncing tools for subtitling.


  • 4K or 8K videos are of poor quality.

2. PotPlayer

It is an option that goes great with all kinds of Windows versions and also supports other OS like Mac. It supports all file formats. Besides DVD, CD, and Blu-rays it is a great device for 3D glasses. It is known for the H/W Acceleration. Having all kinds of codecs is an added feature.


  • Permits enjoying 3D viewing.
  • Supports OpenCodec.
  • Operates with TV, HDTV, and DVD.
  • Easy to bookmark the choices.


  • Audio playback is not satisfactory.

3. BlazeDVD

It enjoys the status of being a powerful option in the world of multimedia. It keeps away the restrictions and thus it becomes possible to enjoy all kinds of coded and encrypted files. It has become possible to enjoy DVDs, VCDs or SVCDs. It comes with an amazing Surround Sound support that gives the best quality audio. It is even possible to create an inspiring slide show with your favorite pictures and audios.


  • High-quality audio
  • Easy to learn
  • Unique Smart Stretch technology
  • Parental control option


  • Limited features in free version

4. 5KPlayer

It is meant for those who want a real theater-like feeling even while watching at home. All you need is to install it on your device. Once installed it is possible to enjoy 4K resolution also. Enjoy mirroring with the worth praising AirPlay technology. Download your favorites from more than 300 websites including YouTube with the updated 5KPlayer. Builtin Radio Player adds more to its fame.


  • Supports different audio and video files
  • Tools for capturing screen
  • Perfect for downloading favorite videos.


  • It has no Bluray support.
  • No Blu-ray support

5. GOM Media Player

While talking about the 10 best free DVD players for Windows 10 and Mac one name that would definitely come to your mind is GOM media player. It is a versatile and updated version of older options. Play videos, listen to music and even handle any file format due to advanced features of the GOM. The Blu-ray requires Vorbis, H263, H265 MP42, or XVID to work efficiently. It has an appealing video playback.


  • User-friendly installation
  • Easy to add subtitles.
  • Perfect for different media files.
  • No complex requirements.


  • Requires extra codecs


(Media Player Classic Home Cinema) was last updated two years back. Despite the fact that it no longer cones, the utility is still unrivaled. The features are not very sophisticated but still, it makes a great choice for the users of Windows. It becomes a little complicated as it requires an additional set up to be installed on the system.


  • No ads
  • Perfect playback
  • Supports all kinds of media formats.
  • Customize the toolbar.


  • Very basic features

7. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is an elegant way to handle the 3D,4K, and UHD videos. It comes with all essential codecs that are required for the different kinds of files in audio and video format. It is easy to add subtitles and even download the favorite videos from social media like Instagram or YouTube.


  • Supports high-resolution files.
  • Excellent for PCs with an older version
  • Convenient subtitling
  • Ensures screen capture


  • Stereo sounds can’t be played.

8. PowerDVD 19

It comes in three versions being Standard, Ultra, and Pro. These versions are classified according to the different price ranges. Besides playing the DVD it also supports the 4K videos, assists in downloading and even playing 360-degree videos as well.

It enhances the colors in videos you play with it. However, if you would like to watch 8K or HDR content with PowerDVD 19 you must purchase its Ultra version.


  • Screencasting features
  • Easy to handle HDR, 4K, AND 8K videos.
  • Gives perfect audio.


  • Not all features supported are available in the free version.

9. Leawo Blue-ray player

It has really amazed the users who wanted to use Blu-Ray and DVD discs. There is a wide range of features available to use. It does not have the complicated features but still works great especially when it comes to beginners.


  • Perfect for multiple downloads
  • Audio decoding made easier


  • The playback option is missing.

10. Macgo Windows Blu-ray

It was introduced initially for Mac but the updated versions can handle all file formats even for Windows. The users can benefit from Dolby TrueHD Audio DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS 5.1 codecs.


  • Great for all file formats.
  • Clear audio playback
  • Can be used for viewing images.
  • Play videos online.


  • The Blu-ray and DVD are not developed fully.


There is no specialized DVD or Blu-ray for Windows 10. The user has to search for some media player. Among the above-mentioned options, the most appreciated ones are the VLC and Pot Play. You can choose what is right for you.

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